Pate werden

Werden Sie Pate für ein Kind in Zentralindien und investieren Sie in seine Zukunft.
  • Patenschaft 35 € im Monat möglich
  • Persönlicher Kontakt zu Kindern möglich und erwünscht
  • Geld kommt zu 100% bei Kindern an (keine administrativen Kosten
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Lebensberichte der Kinder

He has a heart problem from birth on. Few times emergencies to the hospital already. He was the first child on the sponsorship programme.
Both parents died, when he was about 9 years old.
He has been in Krupa Sadan from the very beginning.
This child has NO blood relative. Everyone is dead.
He can't work hard work, although he would like to.
The extended relatives can't take him. He would earn less than people had to spend on medication. He never could go to school. He started late, with about 10 years old. Krupa Sadan is the only help and place he can think of and go to.

Manuel and Sahira
Their mother passed away with last child. Then the father had an accident. Lost one wohle leg. Is handicapped now, replacement too expensive. No own land Needs to go to work for other. Not possible anymore. Gave his to relatives. 1 boy and girl still living there. S. And M. probably in the whole process sexually assaulted. Manuel very dedicated. Started to work when he was about 5 years old in order to go to school part-time. Krupa Sadan saw his determination and wanted to give him a chance. He has the best top grades in school.

Choseritha`s Father passed away leaving 3 girls and a blind mother alone and ever since Choseritha knew sense the only adult family member that was in the memory of Choseritha is her mother who is extremely poorest of the poor with physical challenge of blindness resulting that she cannot do any work. She lost her sight due to an accident when Choseritha was only 3 years old leaving the family with no helping hand and survival becoming such a challenge day by day but today Choseritha is the happiest girl knowing that her heavenly father never left her alone.

The background from which Mishka comes is indeed a shocking and heart breaking. The 6 years old Mishka`s Father died of a TB (Tubocolus) when she was only a two years old. Mishka`s mother who is not skilled with any work left her on the streets to beg for money or food. Throughout the day the Mishka used to beg for food and money and at the end of the day the money Mishka collected from people was taken by her mother to be used for her alcohol. Sometimes people gave her food which became the meals for Mishka but other times there was only money that was given without any food and Mishka had to go to sleep with water in her stomach since her mother took all the money for her alcohol. Today Mishka is a happy growing child living in Krupa Sadan which she feels is a home for her with an environment of love and protection and when you talk to Mishka she says with a big smile on her face that she wants to become Nurse to help and serve people.